CCW Waiver

Community Choice Waiver is a Personal Assistance Services Waiver provides care for seniors ages 65 and older and disabled adults 21 and older. This waiver offers household support, day support, and direct service workers. 


NOW Waiver

New Opportunities Waiver provides care for individuals with developmental disabilities. A Developmental Disability is when a person is born with or acquires a lifelong disability before the age of 22. NOW offers direct personal care and a variety of others services.


We except most private insurance and out of pocket pay. Please call for additional information. Have insurance cards and medical identity number on hand. 

For Information or to apply for 

PAS or LT-PCS services call:

Louisiana Options in Long Term Care


To Apply for NOW Call


The Department of Health and Welfare offers several assistance programs, including

Personal Care Services (PCS) and PCS case management for Medicaid-eligible clients.


We Except all VA insurance ​​


Long-Term Personal Care Services is for individuals with Medicaid, age 21 or older, and disabled. Long-Term Personal Care Services provide assistance with the activities of daily living.

"Personal Care Services From Our Heart"